Muskoka Brewery Ventures Back into Western Provinces

The potential for change and a fresh approach gives Muskoka Brewery the optimism to revisit the Alberta and Saskatchewan market.

ALBERTA, SASKATCHEWAN, May 2, 2018 - Muskoka Brewery strives toward the vision of becoming Canada’s most trusted and iconic beer brand. With recent changes to the Small Beer Manufacturer’s Tax Credit and inter-provincial tariffs, Muskoka Brewery works to realize that dream as it extends its market reach to Alberta and Saskatchewan.

In 2015,we were faced with a tough decision. While we wanted to stay and help craft brewers grow in Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan, the tax increase on craft brewers from outside of those markets made it prohibitive for us to operate there. It just didn’t make good business sense for us to stay. The decision to leave wasn’t easy. We didn’t take it lightly and we were quite vocal in our displeasure.

Todd Lewin Headshot 2 “We’ve heard loud and clear from beer drinkers that they’re excited to have Muskoka back in those provinces,” reports Muskoka Brewery President, Todd Lewin. By revising strategy, Muskoka Brewery feels confident about overcoming provincial legislation that adds cost and limits independent brewers. “Updating our distribution model and going in with new SKUs like the shrink-wrapped four packs allows us to compete.” Todd Lewin looks forward to building the brewery’s presence across Canada.

What great products can Alberta and Saskatchewan expect? Pretty much everything. The independent brewery’s core brands – Detour, Craft Lager, Mad Tom IPA Cream Ale and seasonal rotating Survival Sampler packs will be available year-round, and retailers will have access to a selection of seasonal and limited release brews. As Muskoka Brewery dives deeper into spirits, you can also expect the all-natural, ready to drink Docker Gin & Tonic to make a splash this summer.

With the expansion of the brewery, this venture means more jobs – both in Ontario and Western Canada. We have already a team to support our Western exports this summer, and expect those opportunities to grow. We’re back, and we’re in it for the long haul.

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