Get the Skinny: Docker nutrition details

Looking for a low-calorie drink that's flavourful and all natural? Docker Gin & Tonic is good to go. Docker Nutrition Facts-reverse We recognize that our customers are looking for less sugary options for their basket. You want flavour, but would rather skip the artificial sweeteners. Solution: take a classic recipe, add a little twist of flavour and create a cocktail that’s peacefully light and unique. 2018-04-22-3-Dockers-Lantern-BuoyWEBStarting with our Legendary Oddity Gin that celebrates our roots in beer using Sorachi Ace hops, we knew we must source a premium and unique tonic counterpart. Enter, the good folks at Porter’s Tonic who we’ve partnered with in using their all-natural tonic. Instead of high fructose corn syrup, the real Cinchona bark in this tonic provides a subtle sweetness with a slight citrus tang and bitterness. Add a little cucumber and lime, and you’ve got a bright, beautifully flavoured beverage that makes for easy sunnyside sipping. Unlike most pre-mixed cocktails and coolers on the shelf, we're boasting carb and sugar counts under 10 grams per tall can, with almost half the calories. Gluten conscious? We tested Docker at less than 10 parts per million. You'll notice that our G&T has a soft golden hue with a slight haze and sediment. What's that about? We treat Docker like our beer, keeping it unfiltered to maintain fuller flavour and nutrients that would ordinarily get stripped in the bleaching and filtering process of regular tonics. Embrace the haze and agitate your can slightly before pouring into a glass. Docker is the ideal option to grab when you want something quick, light, and ready to rock as your summer companion. The Docker downlow (per cup): 85 calories 5.2 g sugar 5.2 g carbs >10 PPM traces of gluten

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