Bring it Back: Kristallweizen vs. Pilsner Light

Who doesn’t love a throwback? In celebration of our 20th anniversary, we’re inviting our fans to vote to bring back a beer from our past. tumblr_inline_o584klHQ0E1tmsajy_540 This week, going head-to-head is Kristallweizen and Pilsner Light. We invited Kristin and Jen from the Muskoka team to make a case for these brews from the past! Visit our Facebook Page to place your vote and you’ll be entered to win a prize, plus get the chance to sip on your fave Bring It Back beer again. tumblr_inline_o584r8HElQ1tmsajy_540

A Case for Pilsner Light

Kristin, Twitter @Muskokahalfpint Do you remember the Summer of 2010? The year Toronto hosted the G20 riots (I mean G20 Summit). It was also the birth (and death) year of Pilsner Light. Anyone who has had a sip of Pilsner Light would agree that this beer was ahead of its time. A light beer with bite, Muskoka launched Pilsner Light in the Summer of 2010. Pilsner Light was a crisp, clean, refreshing and flavourful Czech-style pilsner, brewed to an original gravity of 4%. This beer is great on a hot summer day, whether you are sitting on a patio in the city or a dock next to the lake. The problem? The can said “light.” Light beer drinkers who were looking for something with a lighter flavour found the Czech hops too bitter. And the drinkers looking for a full flavoured beer would walk straight past a can that said “light.” Had the name been “Muskoka Pilsner,” the story may have turned out a bit differently. So vote for Pilsner Light, a 4% Czech pilsner that you can keep drinking all day long! tumblr_inline_o585axw2D51tmsajy_540

A Case for Kristallweizen

Jen, Twitter @jenreinhardt_ As I think back to all the amazing styles of beers we have brewed in the past, I’m also thinking about the long, lazy days of summer, long weekends at cottages and the hot summer air. It makes me thirsty, and crave something crisp and refreshing like Muskoka Kristallweizen. The first time I tried this beer was out of the Summer Survival pack. I was amazed by the subtle and soft flavours such as citrus, floral and a hint of clove. It was perfectly easy on my palate, crisp and effervescent, with enough refreshing taste to satiate my thirst during the hot summer days on the dock. So as you consider which Muskoka beer to bring back this summer, I recommend voting for Muskoka Kristallweizen! Whether on the dock or barbecuing in your backyard, this perfectly filtered hefeweizen will refresh your tastebuds and pair perfectly with those hot summer days!

Vote and Win

Visit our Facebook Page to place your vote and you’ll be entered to win a prize - plus get the chance to sip on your favourite Bring It Back Beer again. And be sure to tweet us (@MuskokaBrewery), Kristin (@Muskokahalfpint) and Jen (@jenreinhardt_) to weigh-in!

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