Bring It Back: Honey Lager vs. Kristallweizen


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It’s week two of our Bring It Back contest. This week, going head-to-head, is Honey Lager and last week’s winner, Kristallweizen! We invited Scott and Jen from the Muskoka team to make a case for each brew. tumblr_inline_o5mrdsy4sA1tmsajy_540

A Case for Honey Lager

Scott, Twitter @muskokascott If your first beer was a warm, pale yellow, skunky macro beer, pilfered from your dad’s stash in the garage, then the beer that opened your eyes to the true potential of this glorious fermented beverage was probably something like Muskoka Honey Lager. You had your first sip in your best friend’s basement, from a bottle pinched from his dad’s mini fridge. The Honey Lager was aromatic, crisp, had a delicate sweetness and a rich caramel colour. Your friend’s dad was a Cool Dad™. He listened to Radiohead, wore Vans and knew how to snowboard. Your dad listened to Hot Country radio, drove a minivan and managed a call centre. Today you’re an adult, and your Untappd account might be full of check-ins to sour barrel-aged session stouts, smoked goses and the like. But you can’t forget your roots. Muskoka Honey Lager hit your lips and made you realize that a beer could be so much more. So go on, fire up that lawnmower and fulfill your adult duties. Just make sure to put a few Honey Lagers on ice for when you’re done. You’ve earned it. #BringItBackHoneyLager tumblr_inline_o585axw2D51tmsajy_540

A Case for Kristallweizen

Jen, Twitter @jenreinhardt_ It’s warming up this weekend and I am craving the refreshing flavour of Muskoka Kristallweizen. I can tell from the voting that many of you are feeling the same way! The countdown is on for our Bring it Back campaign. If you are on my team, and want to bring back this tasty beer this summer, get your vote in now! It’s so terrifically balanced, refreshing, and bursting with character. Don’t miss out on your chance to bring this one back!!!

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