Bring It Back: Honey Lager vs. Dark Ale


And then there were two! It’s the final week of our Bring It Back contest. Facing off are Dark Ale and last week’s winner, Honey Lager. We invited Josh and Scott from our Muskoka team to make a case for each beer.

Visit our Facebook page to place your vote and you’ll be entered to win a prize, plus get the chance to sip on your fave Bring It Back beer again. tumblr_inline_o5zrud8vTm1tmsajy_540

A Case for Dark Ale

Josh, Twitter @MuskokaJosh HAIL to the Dark Ale!! This brew and I never really had the chance to meet and I really wish we had … but with your support it can in fact happen! This English brown ale at 5%, with an IBU of 15, offered quite the experience. I made sure to snatch up the last few cans I saw in market before it was too late! Why did I love this beer? It’s simple; I’m that dessert guy … that sweet toothed savouring kind of lad. If I’m out trying a new Ontario craft brew in the market, this style is home for me. Quite honestly, it’s the adult version of a kids candy-bar snack! Uniquely bold in color, that opaque deep brown nearing black with slight ruby highlights and wicked nutty aroma that offers rich and roasted malt sweetness. Wow, need I say more? You can vote for this brew in the Bring It Back campaign on our Facebook page! tumblr_inline_o5mrdsy4sA1tmsajy_540

A Case for Honey Lager

Scott, Twitter @muskokascott People of Hive Nation: We did it! The forces of good have triumphed righteously over the forces of not-as-good. You were bold enough to dream of a future that is bright, and drenched in Honey Lager. That future is almost here! Kristallweizen put up a challenge, but the voters saw right through the filtered weissbier’s unclouded body and stood up for Dad beer. Your support in this campaign has not gone unnoticed, but the final battle is yet to be fought. There is only one beer left that stands between a dream and the reality of tasting Honey Lager once again: Dark Ale. The battle against the Dark Ale side will be one for the ages. Join the Force of Honey, the Brood of the Bumblebee, and keep voting for Honey Lager. We must protect the Hive!

Vote and Win

Visit our Facebook Page to place your vote and you’ll be entered to win a prize - plus get the chance to sip on your favourite Bring It Back Beer again. And be sure to tweet us (@MuskokaBrewery), Josh (@MuskokaJosh) and Scott (@MuskokaScott) to weigh-in!

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