Meet Danielle Porter from our Taproom


A kind, caring, smart, humble, ambitious and an all around happy-go-lucky gal.

Danielle joined the Muskoka Brewery team one year ago. As a passionate beer lover, she loves chatting with visitors to the brewery and serving brews on Hopped Up Hump Day. How did your journey start at Muskoka? I moved to Bracebridge from Barrie. I had worked in beer and events before so it was a natural progression for me. I’ve been in the retail store for one year and I love it! What’s an average day like in the retail store and taproom? My days are very social! We do tastings and tours daily, and deal with pretty amazing customers. It’s front facing so we get a lot of craft beer questions. We’re getting more in-depth questions in the taproom and people are more interested in beer and food pairings than ever. It’s nice to see how passionate our fans are about our beer. What makes Muskoka a great place to work? Muskoka Brewery is like a family. Everyone is really close and that makes it a really fun environment to work in. We do a lot together, like culture retreats and Hopped Up Hump Day. What are culture retreats? The retreats are a way to bring staff together, and get to know each other outside of work, while exploring the Muskoka community, including other breweries and businesses. About 30 staff members go each time and there’s 3-4 a year. It’s such an amazing community to be a part of! How does the brewery celebrate Hopped Up Hump Day? Almost everyone comes into the taproom at the end of each Wednesday and we have a beer. On the last Wednesday of each month we have a bigger celebration. If you can’t be there, we can conference you in with a webcam and put you on our TV screen. It’s an awesome time and that’s where we usually have team announcements and discuss the upcoming Moonlight Kettle beer. What is your favourite Muskoka beer and why? Detour is my go-to, but I get really excited when we release Summerweiss. To me, it’s the perfect summer beer. What are you thirsty to learn more about in 2016? The Brewery is growing so fast that I am constantly reading and learning more about the craft beer industry. People are coming in more knowledgeable about beer and that’s really exciting. How do you strive to venture off the beaten path? I love to embrace the outdoors. Going boating and being on the water as mush as possible is something I enjoy doing in the summer. This area is the perfect place for someone who loves to spend time outside.

8 Facts About Danielle

  1. Give her a mic at karaoke and she’ll sing anything by Shania Twain!
  2. Danielle is bilingual
  3. Her most favourite place she’s traveled is Cancun, Mexico
  4. One Canadian staple she cannot live without is Tim Hortons
  5. Her favourite place in Muskoka is Port Carling, where you’ll find her in the Summer enjoying the sights
  6. If she’s not drinking beer, Danielle orders a vodka soda with lime
  7. S’mores are her go-to snack around a campfire
  8. She’s an avid drawer and loves sketching landscape pictures in her spare time

What her Muskoka friends say…

Danielle has a great personality and is always good for a laugh. We laugh at a lot of the same things, so it makes for a good time. Charlie Vanderpol
Danielle is a lot of fun to work with. She is always coming in with a smile. She’s doing some fantastic work in the retail store getting it ready for the summer. She’s a great person all around - she’s kind, caring, smart, humble, ambitious, and just an all around happy-go-lucky gal. Andrew Warren

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