World Beer Awards: Six Muskoka Brews Score Big in Canada


ONTARIO, August 31, 2018 - We've got a lot to celebrate this weekend. Five beers get five star status, each placing among Canada's Best in the World Beer Awards. Give it up for Cream Ale, Cool As Cuke, Summerweiss Tropical Wheat, Twice as Mad, and Hit Me With Your Best Pot. In addition to Berry Springer scoring the World's Best in Style for the Specialty IPA category, we're up to three golds and three overall wins among Canadian submissions. Congrats to our brew teams and everyone involved in making these awesome beers happen! If you are interested in checking out the full list of winners, see here. Stay tuned for the overall results in broad taste categories on September 20th. Cream Ale Stacks

Cream Ale - Canada: Winner, Muskoka Cream Ale

The one that started it all. Since 1996, Muskoka's flagship brew, Cream Ale has stood the test of time. Cream Ale is on a winning streak: it placed Silver in the World Beer Championship and Bronze in The U.S. Open Beer Championship in 2017, and just placed Gold in the 2017 Ontario Brewing Awards. It's no surprise that this enduring classic should win it for Canada in the World Beer Award's Cream Ale Category. Cool-as-Cuke

Flavoured Fruit & Vegetable - Canada: Gold Medal, Cool As Cuke

This Moonlight Kettle graduate first made its appearance in the 2016 lineup. It caused quite a stir when it returned for widespead distribution. "Cucumber... in beer?" they said, until they tried this smooth and subtle combination of cuke and lemongrass over a pale ale. Cool As Cuke returned in 2018 in a handy little four-pack. We can see that the proof is in the cucumber-flavoured pudding, as this summer sipper brings in the Canadian Gold Medal in the World Beer Awards. Get it while you can. Summerweiss-Tropical-Wheat

Flavoured Fruit & Vegetable - Canada: Gold Medal, Summerweiss Tropical Wheat

With the addition of passion fruit and mango, things get twice as nice with Summmerweiss Tropical Wheat. This brew was an experimental twist on Muskoka's original seasonal creation, Summerweiss Hefeweizen. Crafted with visions of summer in mind, Canada has been singing its praises as a deliciously fruity and refreshing beer. A shiny gold medal for a vibrant and hazy brew. Tie up the summer with another limited release.

Imperial/Double IPA - Canada: Gold Medal, Twice As Mad

First, there was Mad Tom. Then, there was Twice As Mad. Made for those who crave bigger, bolder flavour. Twice as Mad is an aggressively twice dry-hopped Imperial Indie Pale Ale carrying pronounced citrus flavours that evolve into herbal pine notes. It leaves you with a lingering warmth from the higher alcohol content (8.4%ABV). This golden boy is available year round!


Flavoured Herb & Spice - Canada: Winner, Hit Me With Your Best Pot

We can't help but hum that tune for which this beer is named as it brings in another win for the Moonlight Kettle Series. Hit Me With Your Best Pot is an Oolong-tea infused witbier created by staff trio Samantha DeSousa, Gary Jollimore and Dave Krzyk. Notes of goji berry and herbal spice in this fragrant brew are just the thing to spice up tea time. Raise that pinky way, way up then plant it here, so you never miss another brew from the Moonlight Kettle Series. Berry-Springer

Specialty IPA - Canada (and the world!): Winner, Berry Springer

Berry Springer is a product of our Moonlight Kettle Series, a program inspired by our thirst to always venture off the beaten path. From liquid to label, three staff members take the reins to design a unique monthly beer. Paul Guerriero, Ontario West Market Director ; Colleen Marshall, Sales Support Coordinator ; and Mario Maduro, Brewer selected a Milkshake IPA back in September when the style was taking Canada by storm. This limited edition, one batch brew was scooped up in two short weeks. Sorry, did you miss this world-class brew? Time to join the Beer Club.

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