Reduce, Reuse, Recap of a Muskoka Green Summer

Kristin Moore tending the Upjohn Conservancy TrailPLANET EARTH September 8, 2018 - At Muskoka Brewery, we know when it comes to environmental consciousness, actions speak louder than words. Acknowledging this as an opportunity for our team, we are investing our time and resources into new green initiatives. For us, this is one of the many things we share a common passion for – giving back to the environment that has given so much to us (including great beer!) while continuing to make our mark as leading environmental stewards in the craft beer industry. "Venture off the beaten path" is something you’ll see on our walls, our cans, and we certainly aren’t afraid to do so. This July, we teamed up once again with Scott and Aaron from Muskoka Conservancy to help expand the Upjohn Reserve Wetland Access Trail. Thanks to some hard work (along with sweat covered shirts, dirty hands, and gravel filled shoes) the trail has grown along with 4-6 additional parking spaces. Don’t worry, we made sure to finish the day with a well-deserved beer. Team photo with Toronto Island WaterkeepersIn August, we linked up with our good friends at Evergreen Brickworks in support of Swim Drink Fish at Ward Beach and the lagoon area of Toronto Island. We took water samples at various locations, observed local biodiversity, and cleaned up the garbage that frequently makes its way to the beaches – no one likes a garbage filled beach. Our green initiatives are also being recognized within the industry and at this years Elsie (LCBO) Awards, our efforts with the Muskoka Conservancy, Lake Ontario Waterkeeper, and Ottawa Riverkeepers, our Fresh Water Grant Program earned us the Elsie Award for Environmental Commitment – we are extremely proud of this, if you can’t already tell! As proud of these accomplishments as we are, there is still a long way to go. We are continuously looking for ways to minimize our carbon footprint and improve the environmental legacy of our space. In June, we launched our own in-house Green Team, fully equipped with a monthly newsletter to the team and an open forum. Since it’s inception, here are a few of the many strides we have made:

New Green Initiatives at the Brewery

Our plastic cups are 100% Recyclable. Using good one-sided paper to create notebooks for our team, minimizing our waste. Managing water usage by turning off the hot liquid tank before every weekend, saving 400-800 HL of water. Online pay stubs to eliminate waste and add convenience. Added an e-waste bin to our full recycling and composting program. Okay, so maybe it was a little more than a few, but we couldn’t help ourselves - even Mad Tom seems to be impressed with our recent green initiatives. For us, this is just the beginning. We don’t simply preach our values, we live them; we are thirsty, we are caring, we are all unique, we have resolve, we are authentic. This shines through in everything we do – we are here to make our mark. Working towards a sustainable planet is important - it’s the air we breathe, it’s the water we brew with, and it’s the land that grows our hops. We believe everyone has an environmental responsibility to uphold, and our incredibly powerful team at Muskoka Brewery is focused on taking measurable action to give back to the place that has given us so much. Let’s raise a glass to going green as we continue to strive towards making our mark as leading environmental stewards in the craft beer industry. A big thank you to our incredible partners; Evergreen, Muskoka Conservancy, Lake Ontario Waterkeeper, Ottawa Riverkeepers, Ontario Living Wage Employer, and inspiringly green Ontario Craft Breweries for making it all possible. We are Muskoka Brewery.

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