Stop the presses! Or start them? Not sure. Either way, Twice As Mad Tom is now in cans!

Hey gang – Shannon here from Muskoka. tumblr_inline_oheqwvFpTz1tmsajy_1280 Important update: We just took our Twice As Mad Tom Imperial IPA bottles and threw them out the window (just kidding, we recycle and reuse those bad boys). Why? Because now your favourite, extra strong brew comes in a can!

8 reasons why the switch to a Tall Boy 473mL can is super big and important news for me:

  1. I can now take this baby on the road without worrying about it breaking in my knapsack when I’m cruising around town on my bike. Although, it does smell delicious… maybe that wouldn’t be such a bad thing if my knapsack smelled like hops? I’ll get back to you.
  2. The can looks really great on Instagram. No filter necessary for this unfiltered beer.
  3. At 8.4%, it’s the perfect roadie! That is, if roadies were legal, like in Portugal. If you’re going to Portugal, maybe bring this beer in your suitcase. Don’t forget the bubble wrap.
  4. Twice As Mad Tom’s face is bigger, and I kind of have like, a weird dad crush on him, so I enjoy this. I have a thing for eye patches, okay?
  5. Taking back empties to the Beer Store has never been less heavy! And don’t tell me you just recycle your cans and bottles, because you do know The Beer Store gives you money in exchange for lugging your empties to them, right? Not to mention, every bottle you bring back to The Beer Store gets returned to us.
  6. I’m not a golfer, but I hear most clubs don’t allow glass on the course, meaning you can now enjoy a few of these tasty brews while wearing a ridiculous outfit. Twice As Mad Tom in a can? Why, that’s a hole in one!
  7. It’s much easier to store multiple cans in my fridge.
  8. It makes it much easier to make puns, as in “Twice As Mad Tom is now in a can – can you dig it?”
tumblr_inline_oheqwiPBUd1tmsajy_1280 Tell your (19+) kids, tell your wife, because this baby is hot news. Throw a couple cans in your cart at the LCBO, and give Twice As Mad Tom a try along with some other great brews. (And then tell all your friends you love it based strictly on this blog post, because my boss promised me a 25% raise if I alone am responsible for selling a lot of this beer, and this blog post is the best idea I’ve had so far, okay? tumblr_inline_ohewh3LCcS1tmsajy_1280

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