Sherry Gray - unfiltered

Meet Sherry Gray, a hard-working member of our sales support team (our unsung heroes) who proclaims that she’s as unfiltered as our beer! Our GTA Community Rep, Victoria Rombis, sat down with Sherry to talk about her favourite Muskoka brews, her time at the brewery, and riding around on a motorcycle.


How long have you been working at the Brewery, and what made you interested in craft beer?

Almost 6 years! I’ve always enjoyed trying different beers, I was doing it years before it became fashionable. I would go into the LCBO and always look for beers from unknown breweries. I was doing that almost 15 years ago.

What was the first beer you ever tried?

Labatt 50. My dad’s beer!

What is your favourite thing about working on the Sales Support team?

Getting to know my customers. A lot of them are like my friends now, I can joke with them and we chat. It’s not just your regular customer and salesperson relationship. I feel very close to a lot of my customers, and I try to go out of my way to help them out and make them happy.

If you could trade jobs with anyone at the brewery, who would you trade with?

Oh boy, that’s a hard one. I’d have to say Steve Ropp (Distribution Manager). Geography and looking at maps are things I’ve always enjoyed. Distribution fits in with that, you have to know where you’re sending the product. We have a very big map up here in the sales office, I love it!

If you had to pick only one of our beers to drink for the rest of time, which would it be and why?

It would have to be Summerweiss. I mean, just the name alone - summer is my favourite time of year! The flavour, the smell - I love everything about it. It’s my go-to.

We have a few team members that like to bring their dogs to work with them at the Brewery. Which dog is the cutest?

Ollie ! They’re all sweet, but Ollie is, by far, my favourite. When I came for my first interview, Ollie met me at the door. He was the first representative of the brewery to meet me. But I love having all the dogs around, and they all know where I keep the treats, too!

What is your favourite food to pair with beer, and which beer do you choose to pair it with?

I would say a good, old-fashioned cheeseburger and our Craft Lager. It’s old faithful. The Craft Lager just goes down really nice, and you can’t beat a BBQ cheeseburger.

A lot of people prefer to drink lighter beers in warm months, and darker, heavier beers during the colder seasons. Do you prefer certain beers at certain times of the year?

Definitely. Dark beer is kind of like a comfort food in the winter. It’s a warming beer. I used to love the Dark Ale when we made it year-round.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

I’d travel by motorcycle up to the Yukon and Alaska. I’ve never been, and have always wanted to go, just to see it. This country is so beautiful and there are still so many corners I want to go explore.


IPAs or Stouts? IPAs

Burgers or Pizza? Pizza

Draught beer, or a tall can? Draught

Coffee or Tea? Coffee

Flights or pints? Pints

City or country? Country. City. I like both. How about town? Ok let’s go with country.

Mad Tom or Twice as Mad Tom? Twice as Mad Tom

Motorcycle or car? Motorcycle

Taylor road, or Muskoka Beach Road Brewery? Muskoka Beach! Riding on this road is very pretty.

There you have it! Make sure to stop by and say hello to Sherry next time you visit the brewery.

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