Doc'side Pairings

#HotDocs & Cold Beers go so well together, we've compiled a thoughtful list of "doc'side" pairings.

Fresh ideas deserve fresh beer! For four years running, we've been proud to celebrate the Hot Docs Film Festival with a community that shares our passion for creativity and innovation. The Hot Docs Film Festival is the largest in North America, drawing inspiration from across the globe. We've put together our top picks from this year's festival and paired them with each of the beers you'll get in our tasting + glassware + streaming kit. Order your beer and streaming kit today! HOT-DOCS_IG-5_detour-tinyDETOUR ISA · GAUCHO AMERICANO When two Chilean gauchos of different generations leave to pursue their cowboy dreams on an Idaho ranch, a humorous and touching tale of clashing cultures unfolds when they must adapt their expectations to the realities of North American agri-business and lifestyles.

HOT-DOCS_IG-3_tread-tinyTREAD LIGHTLY LAGER · PLAYING WITH SHARKS From filming Jaws' near-lethal live scenes to saving a great white with her bare hands, underwater filmmaking legend Valerie Taylor faces her biggest challenge yet: fighting to conserve the world's remaining sharks.

HOT-DOCS_IG-1_ebb-tinyEBB & FLOW SOUR · HELL OR CLEAN WATER A diver devotes himself to cleaning up the ocean floors in Newfoundland's harbours, one tire at a time. As he edges closer to financial ruin in his effort to save the planet, his good deeds don't go unnoticed.

HOT-DOCS_IG-4_hazed-tinyHAZED & CONFUSED JUICY IPA · CANNON ARM AND THE ARCADE QUEST With the heroic outsiders and dreamers at Bip Bip Bar cheering him on, Kim Cannon Arm attempts a world record by playing the 80s arcade game Gyruss for 100 hours straight in this quirky comedy about friendship.

HOT-DOCS_IG-2_btw-tinyBORN THIS WAY IPA · THRESHOLD Following the gender transition of her adolescent son over three years, the filmmaker crafts a beautiful and compassionate look at his deep search for identity and her own growth away from old paradigms, fears and prejudices. HOT-DOCS_IG-6_pbc-tinyPEACH & BLACKCURRANT · THE MAN WHO PAINTS WATER DROPS When the filmmaker turns his lens on his elderly father, a renowned Korean artist, volumes are revealed about their relationship and his meditative silence and obsession with painting water drops, all rooted in the tragic past of the country he left behind. ORDER YOUR HOT DOCS & COLD BEERS KIT TODAY
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