Your burning Moonlight Kettle questions answered

tumblr_inline_oigc3jtuYv1tmsajy_1280 1. Where did the Moonlight Kettle name come from? When we first started developing the Moonlight Kettle Series, we toyed with the idea of releasing a beer around the different lunar styles – the “moon” tie-in stuck with us, and we like the connection with nature. We also do lots of beer tasting as ‘research’ during the evenings! The Kettle name is in reference to part of the brewing process. 2. Who brews Moonlight Kettle beers? We encourage any of our team members at the brewery to sign up to brew a Moonlight Kettle. When they sign up, they get paired with another team member and a brewer and the brewing magic begins. 3. How many are there, and when are they released? There are 12 Moonlight Kettle releases each year - once a month. They are released on our Hopped Up Hump Day, which is the second Wednesday of each month. If you’re part of our Moonlight Kettle Beer Club, you’ll get a 6 pack delivered to your door each month. 4. How long does it take to brew the beers? This depends on the style of beer; a Munich Dunkel only has to be brewed a month in advance, but our barrel aged or sour beers need more time to ferment and are brewed 3-4 months ahead. 5. What are some of the coolest ingredients you’ve used? I think the cucumber was pretty cool (we did name it Cool As A Cuke, after all)… bourbon soaked vanilla beans and smoked oysters were pretty awesome too. 6. Let me get this straight: You’re allowed to call the beer whatever you want?! The Moonlight Kettle Series is all about beer education, so we let the brew teams create their beers from start to finish. Selecting the style and name is one of the best parts! Sometimes Gary jumps in with suggestions, but for the most part, it’s all the brew team! tumblr_inline_oigd47SnjT1tmsajy_1280 7. I checked LCBO, but it’s not sold there. Where do I buy it? This Series is limited release, so you have to visit us at the brewery to check it out, or go to one of our bars/restaurants who have it on tap. You can find this list on our beer locator on our website. We do go on tap about once a month at the LCBO Growler Bars at Summerhill in Toronto and Lansdowne in Ottawa, so you can always pick up a growler there. 8. Why aren’t these released at the LCBO? We only brew one batch of these beers and it’s not enough to supply the LCBO stores across Ontario. These beers are extra special so you have to track them down to get them before they’re gone. 9. Muskoka already has a ton of beers. Why are you brewing these one-offs? Moonlight Kettle supports beer education at the brewery. It lets someone in the finance department team up with someone on our packaging line and brew the beer of their dreams and learn about the process along the way. It also helps keep our creative juices flowing and discover more about great beer. 10. Can I get these beers in the United States? These beers are available in select bars & restaurants in New York and New Jersey. Check out our beer locator and find one! 11. How many beers have you brewed so far? We’ve brewed 16 different beers. Four in 2015, 12 in 2016 and another delicious 12 to come in 2017. 12. The artwork is cool! Can I buy a poster of it? Posters of the artwork is something we’re hoping to roll out in 2017. Keep your eyes on our Hop Shop to find them. tumblr_inline_oigc6uixI41tmsajy_1280 13. Are they only available on draught or do you package them as well? We package a small amount in bottles, available at the brewery or through our Moonlight Kettle Beer Club – delivered to you! 14. Can I help choose what styles you’re going to brew? As of right now, this program is only open to our staff, but we’re always open to new ideas and learning about great beer. Share your style ideas with us on our Facebook or Twitter!

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