Muskoka Brewery Brings Food to the Table with Local Partner Fresh Kutz

Continued dedication to premium, fresh and natural ingredients.

BRACEBRIDGE August 9, 2019 – Now, Muskoka Brewery visitors can pair our beer and spirits with a selection of shareable snacks. Last year, we doubled the size of the taproom to welcome more guests. With the extra wiggle room, we added a kitchen to meet a growing number of requests for food in the taproom. We brought in the food experts from Fresh Kutz in Bracebridge to design and prep our menu while we focus on the beer and spirits side of things. 2019-08-09-Food photoAt twenty-eight years in business, Owner Clarence Boyes brings the confidence and expertise of running a local restaurant, butcher shop and catering service. Our teams crossed paths at events in and around the brewery (local weddings, corporate events, etc.). Their fresh plates and enthusiasm to work alongside local business really caught our eye. When we ask Chef Gwen what’s most important to her team, she said: “Our mantra is to provide fresh, homemade food - nothing pre-made. Our soups, salad dressing, burgers are all made in house. Having four chefs in our small team empowers us to have experienced eyes on deck that can really own food quality and consistency.” In early spring, we sat down with Fresh Kutz to talk menu options. We wanted fresh quick snacks with a little more elegance than typical pub grub. We talked about things that were local like Milford Bay Trout and incorporating beer in the recipes. Our menu was born from in-depth beer tastings and recipe sampling - tough day at the office, right? Fresh Kutz would bake and cook, and we’d do the rest to prepare and plate fresh snacks in house. It’s basically like having an in-house chef, just located a few klicks up the road. Check out the menu below! Fresh Kutz’ provides us with choices as fresh and all-natural our own creations. Ask a server for pairing suggestions when you visit the brewery on 1964 Muskoka Beach Rd on the south end of Bracebridge, ON.

Shareable Snack Menu


A selection of salami and cured meats garnished with an assortment of pickles and finished with a grainy Dijon and beer mustard made with Mad Tom IPA.


The dip is a savory, warm blend of cheeses and Cream Ale served with a warm pretzel.


Crispy, fresh vegetables with homemade hummus. IPAs pair beautifully with chickpea dishes, so Fresh Kutz incorporated it here for some added pizazz.


Delicately smoked Milford Bay Trout, red onion, capers and croustade finished with a Summerweiss rémoulade. Of course, the citrus forward wheat beer pairs beautifully with fish, sourced just 10 minutes northwest of the brewery.

We love matching up with local partners that take as much pride in their team and creations as we do. Good things happen when you make friends with Ontario businesses like Kawartha Dairy, Muskoka Roastery, Neal Brothers, Momma Mari's, and Ace Bakery - and we’re excited to bring Fresh Kutz into the fold.

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