Moonlight Kettle 2019 Lineup

THE RECESSES OF OUR MINDS, October 16, 2018 - Over the past two months, twelve staff trios have broken into whispers over barrels, ledgers, and tanks to create the ultimate Moonlight Kettle lineup for 2019. At Muskoka Brewery, we thrive on a little healthy competition. The ultimate goal? To have your team's brew featured in the next Survival Pack, otherwise known as our Moonlight Kettle graduate. From liquid to label, this program gives folks from each department the opportunity to flex their left side brain in the brew house. It also means we get to share and enjoy some out-of-this world creations with our fans, every month.
Get your glasses ready for the 2019 Moonlight Kettle Series! Stay ahead of the curve, and Sign up for the Beer Club today to secure your monthly four-pack. Spots are limited - blink, and you might just miss it.

January: LUNAR HAZE - DIPA with Lupulin Powder

February: MY HEART BEETS FOR YOU - Pomegranate and Beet American Pale Ale

March: ROSÉ CHEEKS - Rosé Brut IPA

April: HONEY I'M BOCK! - Maibock with honey

May: YOU HAD ME AT ALOHA - Pineapple Kettle Sour

June: YUM IN THE SUN - Sour IPA with Yumberries

July: AN ALE FORMERLY KNOWN AS SANGRIA - Sangria Inspired Barrel Aged Golden Ale

August: PRACTICE WHAT YOU PEACH - Witbier with Peach, Lactose and Vanilla

September: WINDOW OF HOPPORTUNITY - India Pale Lager

October: GhoSt out - White Stout


December: YULE BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS - Juleol Norwegian

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