Meet Olivia - your friendly Ottawa beer maven!

Exactly one year ago, Olivia joined the sales team ready to take on the booming Ottawa craft beer market. We’re thrilled to wish her a happy one year anniversary!

Get to know Olivia

How did your journey start at Muskoka? I met Scott Lewin (Ottawa Territory Manager) at a few events in Ottawa, and saw a lot of growth with Muskoka Brewery. I didn’t want to just get a sales job with any beer brand, but I wanted one where I believed in its values and Muskoka Brewery was it. What makes Muskoka a great place to work? Muskoka is truly a family. It’s been a great year and I truly appreciate every way they’ve helped me grow. The growth in the company has been huge. There are so many different personalities but everyone brings their strengths to the table, and for that we are a very strong team. We’re here for the right reasons - because we’re passionate about great beer. It’s honestly the best company to work for. It’s a dream come true to be here! Do you have a favourite Muskoka memory? Absolutely! Session Muskoka in 2015 was my first big event with the brewery where everyone was around. I was so proud to be a part of it. It felt so real in the best possible way. It gave me a chance to stop, appreciate the team and see Muskoka fans really enjoying the beers. What’s happening in the beer industry right now that really excites you? Beer is more accessible now than ever. I think one thing that truly excites me is that the new generation of beer drinkers have so many options. Their first beer is likely to be a craft beer. Growth through grocery is a big part of that. The sales are strong and we’re building great relationships with the stores. It’s an interesting channel because now you can see a little more passion from people in the craft beer community. We have solid grocers here in Ottawa and I think it’s just going to make the craft beer scene even better. Tell us about the Ottawa beer scene. The Ottawa beer scene is exploding! It feels like there’s a new brewery opening every month. It’s really becoming a beer destination. There’s even this company called Brew Donkey that takes craft beer fans on tours of breweries within Ottawa. It gives beer drinkers a chance to indulge a little more in beer and see more breweries. Ottawa is very into local products, whether it be beer, food or clothing - people choose local.

7 Fast Facts about Olivia

  1. Her dance moves rival those of a highly trained salsa dancer
  2. Olivia’s one-year anniversary with Muskoka is this week!
  3. She’s venturing off the beaten path this summer to visit friends in Vancouver and Alberta
  4. Her dream is to one day own a clothing and home variety store
  5. It was love at first sip with her new fave Muskoka beer - Kirby’s Kölsch
  6. Olivia simply cannot live without maple cream cookies
  7. Three of her go-to spots in Ottawa for Muskoka beers are the Cheshire Cat, Wellington Gastropub and Chesswood

What her Muskoka friends say…

It always puts a smile on my face when I see her name pop up on call display. Whether it’s Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday, she’s always smiling and making those around her smile too! I’m glad to have her on the sales team! Josh Graham
Olivia is a bundle of joy. She always has a smile on her face and is quick to think outside the box. She is a real team player and always on-board for an adventure. Kristin MacDonald

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