On #FrontlineFridays, Muskoka Brewery Is Celebrating Heroes in Ontario

2020-07-24-Humane-Soc-Group Muskoka, July 30, 2020 – Muskoka Brewery is giving back to frontline and essential workers who have worked tirelessly since the pandemic struck. For every ten packs of beer Muskoka Brewery sells, they’re buying a pack for a frontline worker. Last week they kicked off the first of six “Frontline Fridays” where they will be donating and delivering four-packs of their new Tread Lightly Light Lager to give frontline workers a beer break. “We hope that those working around the clock and risking their health to keep our communities safe can take time to recharge with a cold beer on us,” said Todd Lewin, President of Muskoka Brewery. The first week of the program included hundreds of four-packs delivered to Foodland Port Carling, Northern Produce in Bracebridge, Toronto Humane Society and Websters Beacon in Dwight. “Thank you Muskoka Brewery for choosing all my staff for Frontline Fridays. It’s a crazy time, but we’re glad to be here. Thanks so much,” said Leanne Webster, owner of Websters Beacon. 2020-07-24-Webster's-Beacon-staff They’re expecting to donate 4,000 four-packs throughout the program. Some of the industries that will receive the beer include health care, grocery, delivery services, first responders and community services. “Our team selected frontline businesses from across the province and we’re on track to be able to fulfill every request. The organizations nominated are so grateful for the recognition. We’re happy we can do our part to say thank you,” Lewin added. “Thank you to everyone who purchases a pack of beer from us this summer. Without you, we wouldn’t be able to give back in such an impactful way.” Muskoka Brewery is running this program through the sales of their 6 and 12 packs. For every ten packs of Detour, Craft Lager, Mad Tom IPA and Cream Ale sold, one Frontline Pack will be donated. The program runs weekly until August, 28th. 2020-07-24-Northern-Produce-recipients

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