Decking the halls with our Winter Survival Pack!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! We went through the Pinterest boards, called our moms, and had a serious brainstorming session on decking the halls. Remember that scene in Apollo 13 when NASA only has a few tools to save the astronauts? We’re pretty much NASA. We picked up our Winter Survival Pack and some basic craft materials to create some awesome holiday decor. To make this craft session even better, our Survival Pack is $1.00 off at the Beer Store, LCBO, and grocery stores until January 8th, so let’s get crafting! First thing: crack open a fresh RaspBeery Coco Lait! It’s the perfect winter brew for a crafting adventure. Detour and Craft Lager Ornament:
You’ll need:
  • Clear glass globes (we picked ours up from Michael’s, but your local dollar store should have them)
  • The Detour and Craft Lager cans from your Survival Pack
  • Scissors
  • A pencil or pen
  1. Pour yourself or some friends a glass of Craft Lager and Detour (As always, please craft responsibly)
  2. Cut the top and bottom off the cans. You should be left with one beautiful sheet of beer can goodness
  3. Cut the cans into strips lengthwise. You’ll want to cut different widths to add dimension to your ornament
  4. Wrap your beer can strips around a pencil or pen to create a twirl. Once wrapped, pull on the strip to stretch the metal ribbon
  5. Pull off the top of the globe and squeeze in your beer can twirls
  6. Shake up the globe, and hang it on your tree!
Mad Tom and Winterweiss Ornament: You’ll need:
  • The Mad Tom and Winterweiss can out of your Survival Pack
  • A thumb tack
  • Scissors
  1. Like our last ornament you’ll want to cut the top and bottom off the cans to create a sheet of aluminum
  2. Instead of cutting lengthwise, you’ll want to cut equal strips around the circumference of the cans
  3. Grab a thumbtack and push a hole through one end of the strip. The strip will already want to create a circle, all you have to do is push both ends through the tack
  4. Repeat step three while interchanging the Winterweiss and Mad Tom strips to create a blue and red pattern
  5. Add a bow on top if you’re feeling extra fancy, or hang the globe beside your Detour and Craft Lager ornament
Muskoka Chair Snow Globe: There’s something magical about Muskoka during the winter months. If you can’t enjoy the views of fresh snow sitting on a frozen lake, this last craft is the perfect way to bring Muskoka to you. You’ll need:
  • A pub glass
  • The cardboard from your Survival Pack
  • A Cream Ale can
  • Fake snow, or cotton balls
  • Candy canes
  • Hot glue gun (don’t worry, no power tools necessary)
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  1. Trace the circumference of your pub glass onto the packaging of your Survival Pack. Cut out the circle
  2. Cut two long pieces of candy cane and glue them parallel to each other on the cardboard circle
  3. Cut small pieces and glue them on top of the existing candy canes. That’s right, you’ve made a festive Muskoka dock!
  4. What’s a dock without a Muskoka chair? Use your tin snips or scissors to cut out the Muskoka chair on your Cream Ale can
  5. Glue your Muskoka Chair onto the candy can dock
  6. Fill your pub glass with fake snow, and place your candy cane dock on top. Flip the glass over and shake the snow around. It took us three tries to get the right amount of snow, so don’t glue it right away!
  7. Glue your dock to the pub glass, sit back, and enjoy the Muskoka view
There you have it! Three different holiday crafts all made from your Winter Survival Pack. To find a Survival Pack near you just use our handy Beer Locator. From everyone at Muskoka Brewery, we’re wishing you a happy and safe holiday, cheers!

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