A Date in Muskoka

Oh, Muskoka - the beautiful lakes, gorgeous wind-swept pines, delicious beer, and the romance in the air. Wait, did you say romance? Heck yea, we did. If you only thought of Muskoka as a hiking or boating destination, we're about to change your world. Grab a beer-loving partner, ditch your dinner and a movie plan, and get ready to venture off the beaten path with a romantic night out. Artistic Date: Hiking Begin your date by hiking some of Muskoka’s beautiful trails for inspiration. The Group of Seven got their inspiration from the natural wilderness that surrounded them, and we do too. Once you’ve got your inspiration from the Muskoka wilderness, head over to the Brewery and join us for a paint night. We’ll supply the beer, cheese, and canvas - all you have to do is show up. Check out our events page and sign up for our next night. You’ll laugh, paint, and someone may just walk away with a masterpiece to hang on the wall. IMG_1051 Live Music Date: Concerts your idea of the perfect date? Muskoka is a hidden gem for great music, you just need to find the right venue for your date. Luckily, we’ve found a few for you. The KEE to Bala The Kee The KEE was originally called Dunn’s Pavilion when it was built in the 1930s. Back then, the slogan for the concert hall was, “Where all of Muskoka dances,” and it’s still true to this day. The KEE is a great place to take your date and grab a fresh Craft Lager to enjoy some great bands. Past concerts have included big-name artists like Sam Roberts, Drake, the Tragically Hip, Blue Rodeo, and even Snoop Dogg. The Griffin The Griffin is Bracebridge’s local spot. The pub can probably hold 25 people comfortably, but that’s never stopped us from fitting in a few more. Just up the alley off of Main St., this little gem hosts local talent and great beer. You’ll find all the local breweries on tap, including our Moonlight Kettle Series. If there isn’t a band playing already, just stick around long enough for the owners to show up - eventually a jam session will break out. Winter Adventure Date: Arrowhead The minds at Arrowhead Provincial Park take venture off the beaten path to a whole new level. Created in 2012, the skating trail is now 1.3km long, and a great way to take in Muskoka’s beauty. Stop by the Brewery, pick up a fresh pack of Shinnicked Stout, and brave the cold. Once your skates are laced up, you can hold hands with your partner as you skate through the forest. Cozy Night in: In the city, it’s a romantic night out; in Muskoka, it’s all about a romantic evening in. If you’ve got your own cottage you’re already set for this cozy date night, but if you’re traveling from out of town, our friends at Patterson Kaye, Deerhurst, or the JW Marriott are home to great getaways to enjoy a Muskoka night-in. Stop by the Brewery for a beer and some cottage clothes. We’d recommend a bottle of Winter Beard and a pack of Shinnicked Stout to keep you warm by the fire. And you can’t be in Muskoka without the proper attire – that means plaid, lots of plaid. From onesie’s to Muskoka dinner jackets, you’ll need to stay warm and look the part. Want to dial it up? Light the fire and crack open a bottle of Winter Beard. Enjoy the crackle of the fire in your plaid and sip on some double chocolate cranberry stout. Maybe enjoy streaming a Muskoka Playlist in the background? We’d suggest the Fireside Sippin’ tunes to set the mood. Shinnicked Educational Date: A cozy night-in too romantic for your first date? That’s cool, you’re probably going on a date with this person because they love great beer, right? Well, they better! Muskoka has some of the best Breweries in Ontario (and the humblest ones, too). Muskoka Cottage Country Beer Trail If you’re looking for a brewery adventure, the Cottage Country Beer Trail has you covered. Stop in to visit and we’ll give you a map of all the locations on the trail - we promise not to send you on any detours (pun totally intended.) You can drop by each brewery and learn about their brewing process, techniques, and meet the friendly faces behind Muskoka’s beer scene. Beer Tours member-brew-tours-1 If directions aren’t your thing, our friends at Brew Tours have got you covered. Sign up for a tour, and they’ll do the hard work. You’ll get to visit us, some other amazing local breweries, and have lunch at the Griffin. It’s an educational and fun date all in one combo of an adventure. So, there you have it - a bunch of Muskoka inspired dates planned and ready. If you have any more ideas or even a few questions, drop us a line on social.

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