Muskoka Craft Lager

Tahiti Wheat

Unique & Compelling

Our 8th Moonlight Kettle of 2022! Tahiti Wheat mimics the classic fruit punch of your childhood that disappeared from shelves all too soon. With a bright red body, this fruit forward brew has notes of cherry, pineapple and cara cara oranges with a tartness upfront that gives away to a sweet finish. Drink in the nostalgia while you can before this beloved drink disappears again back south of the border! Created by: Andrew & Nate Join Beer Club to receive unique monthly one-offs like this one from the Moonlight Kettle Series!



Tall Can
STYLE: American Fruited Wheat AVAILABILITY: Moonlight Kettle Beer Club & Taproom Exclusive
ABV: 4.5% IBU: 20
COLOUR: Candy Apple Red YEAR BREWED: 2022
CALORIES: . CARBS (g/100g): .
FLAVOUR: Mix of fruity flavours such as cherry, pineapple, and cara cara oranges.
AROMA: Soft malt sweetness with a burst of sweet fruit notes reminiscentof fruit punch.
FINISH: Tartness upfront that gives way to a soft and sweet finish.
MALTS: Malted Barley & Malted Wheat
HOPS: Mosaic
FOOD PAIRINGS: Summer salad with feta, fresh fruit, toasted nuts, or spicy fish tacos


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