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Muskoka Craft Lager
Muskoka Craft Lager

Squeeze the Day

Easy Drinking & Refreshing

The January Moonlight Kettle team brings us Squeeze the Day Grapefruit Sparkling Ale. The ultimate brunch beer. Take on the day with bright notes of grapefruit at 3.5% ABV. Created by staff trio: Head Brewer Gary Jollimore, President Todd Lewin, and Creative Lead Melissa Pasqua. Part of the Moonlight Kettle Series 2021!


Big Keg
Tall Can
STYLE: Grapefruit Sparkling Ale AVAILABILITY: Limited Release
ABV: 3.5 IBU: 20
COLOUR: California Peach YEAR BREWED: 2021
CALORIES: 32.7/100mL CARBS (g/100g): 3.4
FLAVOUR: Tart and juicy grapefruit with a subtle clean bitterness contributed by chinook hops and grapefruit pith.
AROMA: Bursting with notes of fresh grapefruit.
FINISH: Slight lingering grapefruit bitterness.
MALTS: 2-Row, Dextrose
HOPS: Chinook
FOOD PAIRINGS: Lemon Pepper dry rubbed chicken wings, Bacon & Egg Breakfast


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