Which legend is the true
origin of Mad Tom IPA?

You Be The Judge.

Is Mad Tom an irate customer?

One legend floating around the brewery says we once received hate mail from a very passionate beer drinker named Tom. He criticized our switch from bottles to cans with a letter entitled “Dear Jerks”. When we eventually switched back to bottles our first new beer was Mad Tom…was he our inspiration?

Is Mad Tom Tom Thomson's Vengeful Ghost?

As the story goes, famous painter Tom Thomson was found dead in the lake under very suspicious circumstances. For some mysterious reason, he was buried before the coroner could arrive and they say his ghost still paddles the lake, sunken into madness as he waits to be found…is this our Mad Tom in the mist?

Is Mad Tom an ugly catfish?

Stories are told in pubs across Muskoka of a beastly fish with barbed teeth & poisonous spines. Old fishermen will confirm the Legend but few will tell the tales. Instead, they simply raise their glasses and proclaim it was “one heck of a Mad Tom Catfish”…is this where our origin lies?

Is Mad Tom a madman from the 1600's?

In the 1600s, beggars lined London’s streets pretending to hail from Bedlam Royal Hospital, an asylum in all but name. The darkness of Bedlam, and the lost souls it housed, led the public to call these pretenders the “Mad Toms” of Bedlam…is this where the madness began?