Muskoka Brewery is proud to announce that we have taken an innovative leap forward regarding the quality of our beers. We have acquired a centrifuge from our friends at Flott-weg.

Here is a brief explanation of what a centrifuge does and why we believe it makes our beers ever more superior. Unlike filtration which strips out yeast, hop and protein particulate from the beer, a centrifuge relies on centrifugal force for beer clarification. A centrifuge works by spinning the beer at very high speeds thereby creating high G forces, which remove solid fractions from the beer.

Since the beer is never passed through a filter, you may notice a slight haze. We feel that more essential hop oils and proteins contribute to an improved hop flavour and mouthfeel. The result is better overall hop flavour and aroma, as well as a more nicely balanced malt character.

If you've ever tried an unfiltered beer straight from the fermentation tank at a brewery, you'll understand that this is the freshest, most rewarding way to enjoy a beer.

With this change to our brewing process, you can now enjoy our beer just like our Brewmaster does... right from the tank.


Gary McMullen
President & Founder
Muskoka Brewery